Saturday, September 01, 2007

Launch Pad to Apostle Islands - Bayfield, Wisconsin

The visitor center for the Apostle Island National Lakeshore is located in Bayfield, WI – a small fishing village that is charming, delightful and friendly. Only an hour’s ferry ride across from the Victorian town of Bayfield, WI – the 21 islands of Apostle National Lakeshore, form one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in nature.

It is here that all is forgotten, and you live entirely in the moment absorbing the beauty that is the lake, the soft sandy beaches, the wooded forests, the big blue sky and the peace and quiet that is so rationed anywhere else in the cities.

There are many websites that have detailed information to help with planning for such a trip. But preparing for it is one thing, experiencing it, quite another!
Although reservations are necessary for camping at the islands, the camp sites are taken on a first-come first-serve basis. With private boats that are allowed to dock at various times, you are lucky if you catch a camp site that is close to the dock. Regardless, the minimal back country camping is not difficult and in fact quite a fun exercise to do…since your excitement is already on overdrive.

Each campsite has its own appeal, with exclusive vistas of the large Lake Superior and the beach flanking its one side, the wooded trails and forests, its other. All complete with a spacious tent pad area, bear-proof food lockers and excellent fire rings and grill…the campsite became a second home tucked into nature.
Three days on the island, gives you plenty to do and loads of memories to make that will last you a lifetime. There is hiking, kayaking, boating/sail boating, swimming, chilling out and much more. Its entirely up to you to make your memories, and experience nature up-close.
Stockton Island, being the 2nd largest amongst all the other islands, offers almost all of the above experiences to take in. For a detailed three day itinerary, proceed to read the next article.

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