Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flying Stand By - its worth it!

I might have heard this in passing, from friends and co-travelers but never really pursued the option further, until it almost became a necessity (or not, depends on how you see it).
Flying Standby...well lets just say, we weren't "regulars" if you catch my drift. Infact, much less, we had never exercised that option before. For some of you who are constant business travelers, this might be the norm. To us, it was a sweet deal that made total sense to go for.
Anyways, in short, we were lucky to get seats on an earlier flight to SFO...and because we were flying across 3 time-zones, it played to our advantage (one-way). Gave us almost 3 bonus hours to spend time with family and friends.
Our red-eye return trip was horrid...and believe me, time zone or are zombied out when you get home. You understand 'jet-lag' more in this case, than if you were to fly half-way across the world!
Back to our California Calling on...we did a lot in 3 days and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

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