Friday, April 27, 2007

Wine country for Non-Connoisseurs

Much against popular belief, Wine country is Northern bubbling with lots of things, other than just wine.
I mean the cliche` thing to do would be to drive...or as the case may be, be driven to visit one winery after another, and to sip and taste one wine after another. And this would make perfect sense to someone who enjoys and appreciates good wine.

For us, we belong to the category...that is the title of this article. So, I have to say, Wine and Vineyards are so much more than just to taste and get drunk (yes...people do have agendas behind such a trip)....they usually have a predesignated driver, or have a fancy limousine ride them while they indulge in the art of wine tasting (after a point, its really drinking/gulping down)!
We had never been to this part of California, and had read and heard enough about its beauty, to want to visit it anyways. And I am glad we did!

"Spectacular", "scenic" and "breathtakingly gorgeous country" would be some ways to describe what our eyes feasted on. Its a pity, this part of the story never gets least not in person (people generally are too drunk to recollect). But half the fun is in getting there! Its amazing, how the rolling hills beckon you towards their every bend and turn, and how each winding road, reveals a magical and sensational view briefly giving you a glimpse into what Tuscany in June might actually look like! It was truly a treat.
So for all of you out there, who ever thought, that you don't drink...therefore what is the point in going to Napa...reading this, and watching the pictures should motivate you enough to jump-up and go! Take "shots"...I mean with the camera, and "taste" the fresh smell of grape in the air. The weather is one thing, you will never have to worry about, and it will be a trip hard to forget.

TIP: This tone of this article would have been completely different, had we driven on Highway 29 through the heart of Napa....that is NOT the way to see and appreciate the hills around here. If you want to loose the crowds, and get your complete fill of wine, tours and tasting, I would highly recommend taking the scenic and peaceful Silaverado Trail (it runs parallel to Hwy 29 all the way upto Calistoga).
Sonoma Valley is another quiet and commercial-free town to experience the vineyards and the culture.

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