Sunday, July 09, 2006

Eclectic Urban - Vancouver

As mentioned in the very first entry in this journal – Head Start, we came to realize that our 10 day journey through Western Canada was distinctly broken into 2 sections; we had already been through the heart of the Canadian Rockies and needless to say were transformed by the whole experience.
The unforgettable train journey almost was perfectly timed and built into the itinerary with the purpose of slowing down the pace, to admire nature at its very best. It gave us much needed time to reflect, re-cooperate and rejuvenate ourselves for what lay ahead.
The rugged mountainous peaks, glaciers and ice fields were behind us now, and as the train was pulling into Pacific central station in Vancouver, we saw ourselves facing tall structures of another kind – those made of concrete and steel!

Again investing your time on re-search pays…we learnt that Vancouver is best seen on foot or by public transport, and essentially most of the action happens downtown! And the rest, can very easily be accessed from here as well. So we went ahead and booked ourselves for 2 nights at the YWCA downtown.

Those of you who love to get everywhere by foot…will absolutely love this city! It is a backpacker’s paradise. The train station and YWCA were within walking distance, and since the train arrived at 8.30am, it was perfect timing too! After having had a relaxing journey, we couldn’t wait to freshen up and immerse ourselves into the urban culture that is Vancouver.
TIP: The sky train station is right outside Pacific Central Station...and centrally connects parts of downtown. It is fast, cheap and very frequent.
Also, even though check-in at most hotels is around 2pm or later, it doesn't hurt to ask if a room is ready and available earlier. If you are lucky, you only have to wait a few minutes, which is lot better than having to wait several hours if you arrived early.

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