Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Have you seen an Emerald of this size?!

Picture perfect day for Canoeing on Lake Emerald

We have! And its not the kind that you would wear on your finger or around your neck, but one that you would carry with you always... in your heart and mind. It would only seem fit and appropriate to compare the brilliance of the lakes in the region to the most sparkling of jewels known to man... like the dazzling blue of the sapphires,  or the purity of the pearl...the clarity of the diamond and the vivid intensity of the EMERALD. Yes! I am talking about EMERALD lake located beneath Yoho National Park's towering mountains in British Columbia.
Seen this shade of green? Its Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park
Hardly 10 km past the town of Field in BC, once you come onto Emerald lake you understand why its named so. This shade of green is yet to be discovered and named! It is the prettiest sight in the vicinity.

It is no surprise then that the rustic Emerald Lake Lodge situated on the lake takes pride in offering the most extraordinary of views nature could provide. This romantic mountain getaway exudes charm and elegance, offering the best of facilities and beckoning its residents to stay, soak in the wilderness for a while.

TIP: To enjoy the splendor of the lake, plan to visit late afternoon or early evening, when the bus loads of tourists have departed. The  waters couldn't be more inviting and calm and you wouldn't have to watch it from around and above people's shoulders to get that best scenic snapshot captured in your camera.

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