Saturday, April 19, 2014

South Padre Island....kitschy, can be... except if you know some hidden gems!

The definition of a perfect weekend getaway should be one where you can unwind in precisely the same amount of time it takes a flashy sports car to rev up from 0 to 60! This just happens to be one of those destinations. 
Padre Island is the world's longest barrier island stretching from Corpus Christi in the north to South Padre Island in the south. Whats unique about the island though is that it is oriented north-south and 113 miles long and hardly a mile wide flanked by the Gulf of Mexico on the east and Laguna Madre on the west!! So if sunrises are your thing, you know which direction to head toward in the mornings, or if Sunsets are more up your alley, then views overlooking Laguna Madre paint colors in the sky that are mesmerizing! 

 Just a cautionary note, although it may appear so, Padre Island is different from South Padre Island and they are not connected through. Padre Island used to be 150 miles long many decades ago.  It stretched from Corpus Christi, TX.  south to Port Isabel, TX.  Approximately 4 or 5 decades ago a ship channel was cut through the barrier reef island approximately 36 miles north from the south tip of the island.  This cut is now called Port Mansfield, TX as you can see in the image to the left above. The isolated south tip of Padre Island was renamed South Padre Island;  Padre Island was reduced in length to approximately 120 miles long, which means SPI is only 36 miles in length - perfect weekend getaway!

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