Sunday, April 20, 2014

South Padre: Drive till the road goes no further...revel in the dunes!

Even though the island is only 30 some miles in length, its unfortunate that most people don't venture beyond the kitschy surf board shops, restaurants and high rise hotels. But the few who venture beyond the ordinary, come out richer on the other end (literally). This is where extra-ordinary happens!!

Head north on the island (don't worry, there is only one main road) you'll soon be able to drive no more. Here is where fine white sand covers the road and creates this man-made barrier that separates the north and south padre islands.

Its a surreal sight to behold, with soft undulating dunes on both sides of the road. Getting out and climbing the dunes comes naturally, it's pristine because you've effectively left those spring break partying crowds far far behind. Here is where you have the sun, sand, beach all to yourself.

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