Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bryce has many different 'POINTS' of view

It must have been twilight ...or sometime very early by my standards, I awoke to what felt like a very happening dream...the first thought that crossed my mind, an intensely strong pull to visit Inspiration point once more!
I sleep talked that night, and my words said - Inspiration..Inspiration point.
Was I crazy...was I dreaming....perhaps both and even more! My husband, as much perplexed as I, had this weird expression at 4:25am...he says "Darling...You were sleep talking..." WHAT??? I never sleep I was very curious and wanted to hear more. He went on to say " kept repeating the words, Inspiration Point, over and over again...!!"

WOW! The canyons had left such a profound impression on me...and of-course, I knew it was more than a dream, my conscience was speaking to me...and I knew exactly what I needed to do at 4:27am! We were going back inside the park, one more time, to experience the quiet solitude and transformational Inspiration Point! Its true, here at Bryce, you can feel yourself transform.
There are many many spots, sights, view points, vistas that delight every sense of your inner being here. We made sure to visit each one of them not only to experience the surprise that unfolded amongst its deepest layers, but also to claim our rights to our most favorite of them all. For me it was Inspiration point, for my husband, it was Bryce point (I liked that one too)..for my family it was sunset point (ok, I liked that one too)...see what I mean, there isn't one best of them all. All of them are too good to my advise to you, see them all! And if you think, you don't have time...waking up at 4:25am hopefully will give you inspiration!!

What a glorious full circle amphitheater view you get from here! The park ranger recommended this to be THE point to watch the sun break over the horizon in the morning...and we have to say, hands down, it was one of the most sensational sunrises we have ever witnessed. At 6:00am, with temperatures hovering around a bone-chilling 5 degrees farenheit, you might imagine, who would be that brave and bold to venture out in the cold?? already know the answer to that one, don't you? This is the land of sunrises and sunsets and being there to watch them is the most quintessential experience that you absolutely cannot miss. So bundle up, dress in layers, have a thermos of hot chocolate in hand...and cuddle up with your loved one, because this is one morning, you can never forget!

Of-course, as the name suggests, these are great vantage points to watch the sun rise and fall into oblivion...but what makes them popular, is that they are centrally located, and easy to get to, especially when each passing minute can reveal a different dance of light and color on the maze of hoodoos and fins packed in tight formations, rising above from the park basin.

There are also some excellent trailheads that lead deep into the park's floor amidst walls, hoodoos and slot canyons. The Navajo trail is one that is a sure delight and moderate in its steepness. One of the classic and well recognized hoodoo formation called - Thor's Hammer is distinctly seen from here, and is very camera lens friendly.

Hands down, this took my breath away. I could go back to Bryce, only for this over and again. The color here, geography, the stillness and spirit moved me in ways more than words can describe.The viewpoint at Inspiration Point consists of three levels that provide varied spectacular perspectives of the main amphitheater. Any time of day, especially break of dawn, casts a spell of fire and ice that cuts through the atmosphere to light up the expansive city below one layer by layer at a time. Like fire, the orange light quickly spreads driving shadows from all but the deepest recesses of the amphitheater. The limestone caps atop the hoodoos add to the vibrancy and delight, Inspiration point beholds. I do hope that everyone gets to experience this moment once in their lifetime.

TIP: The park encourages visitors to start their auto tour of Bryce Canyon National Park by driving directly to the very southern end first. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. From here at Rainbow Point the entirety of the park stretches out before you back to the north. By the way, Rainbow Point is also the highest point in the park. Dress warm! Some other noteworthy points along the way are: Yovimpa Point, Agua Canyon, Natural Bridge and Paria Point. Anyway you look at it, Bryce can have different points of view....but each view point is spectacular!

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