Thursday, November 15, 2007

First pit stop - "Hoover Dam"

Only about 35miles south east of Las Vegas, enroute to Grand Canyon on US-93 stands a monolithic icon that represents strength, grandeur and a haven for what used to be harsh barren land not so long ago.
The Hoover Dam is more than just an impressive sight. It is an engineering marvel to be reckoned with. It beckons travelers transiting... to stop, step out of their vehicles and experience a magnificent concrete structure that literally transformed the desert into an oasis of flourishing commerce.
not only were we crossing State lines but time zones as well!

Considered the second highest dam in the United States, it is the reason why Lake Mead exists...and provides multitude of recreational opportunities to all. You don't have to be a student of engineering to comprehend what it must have taken to build a structure as humongous as this.
With a walkway built along the rim of the dam, it offers easy access for passers by to get up-close and appreciate its largeness. Parking is a nightmare...and traffic could get congested...however, if you are patient, and willing to exercise those limbs from sitting too long, then you have plenty of space to park and hike.

We easily spent more than an hour, admiring this engineering wonder, taking in the spillways, tunnels and adjusting to the sharp contrast between the hard stone concrete and the mesmerizing blue of Lake Mead.
Plus we got a kick out of the fact that right smack in the center of the walkway that skirts the dam, is the border between Nevada and Arizona...and not only were we crossing State lines but time zones as well!
Since our ultimate destination for that day, was to reach the South Entrance to Grand Canyon well before sunset, we opted out of the conducted tour...but I am told it is a good one.

TIP: I already have mentioned above about crossing time zones, and if you are headed east (as we were) will loose one hour, and you want to keep that in mind, when timing your trip! A good to change your clocks!!
(trust me, you learn it the hard way)

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