Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mini Grand Circle Road Trip- Arizona, Utah and Las Vegas!

You've probably heard about the Grand Circle National Park tour...and for those of you who haven't, its an all encompassing trip to some of the grandest of US National parks in the 4 states that form the majority of the Colorado plateau - Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.
If time favors you - by all means go for it. For others, don't despair...there are many viable mini grand circle options that are just as satisfying..and if you throw in a couple outstanding state parks in the we are really talking!
Our trip was a 9 day 1500 mile itinerary that commenced in Vegas, and ended rightfully in Vegas as well. It had the best of both worlds- Natural and Man-made...and in everyway was one of our most memorable trips on and happy travels!

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