Monday, November 03, 2008

Foot Massage – the ultimate in Thai luxury!

After traveling three quarters of the world…across (who knows how many) time zones, changing 3 flights, spending way more time than we should have in and out of an airplane, cramped in the middle seat of a 3-seater economy coach class international flight, flanked by human beings who believe in the mantra – ‘sleeping (on such long flights) is the path to nirvana’…I could use a well deserved massage…ok….I was desperate for one!! I quickly learned that if massages are your fancy…then Thailand is your place! Funny, how some things are just meant to be.

(and then there is the part I absolutely do not remember)
The variety, range, options, style and price of Thai massages are as overwhelming as shopping for toothpaste in a large grocery store in the US (too many choices to select from). Thankfully, our gracious friends and host knew exactly the cure for my tired weary, circulation-deprived feet…and recommended a heavenly foot massage for 60 minutes!

Did I already mention, heavenly??? Wait till I describe it in detail...which by the way, I remember only the first 20 minutes off…after which I dozed off into…land, into ethereal a point of no-return. Here are excerpts from what I can remember… us being escorted to a sit-down half bath house, built out of teak and bamboo where we were waited upon (truly) by 2 masseurs who cleansed our feet …hand washed them with soothing warm water. It was a tickly sensation; we were then given house slippers to wear and lead to the massage room…where we discover to our delight these 180 degree comfy plush leather recliners.

The room itself is dimly lit…there is some lilting music one can barely hear, its soft and mellow. There also appears to be a feng shui water fountain in the background…I never did see it, but was aware of the sounds the subtle droplets of water made at a subconscious level. The ladies who settled us into our recliners, gently whispered amongst themselves as they occupied the foot stools opposite our feet to begin the massage. If ever there was a fleeting thought about getting a foot massage for 60 minutes (?)…it was quickly dismissed forever….and replaced by, when we could do this again!! The stillness of the room, soft murmurs of people’s breathe, and the adept experienced hands working on our tired feet quickly put me into a trance, took me away from the room and its surroundings, away from the present and into oblivion, after which point, there is complete and utter relaxation and nothing else.

        (and then there is the part I absolutely do not remember)

I awoke so well rested, as if I had slept for many hours…my feet felt alive and rejuvenated, my body recharged and revitalized and my spirit invigorated. I had never experienced something so wonderful and I am happy to be able to share with you – this quintessential Thai experience, a phenomenal foot massage! Never miss it…work it into your day, give up food (although Thai food is a tough call), if you have to…and make time for it. You…and I am sure your feet, will definitely remember it for a long time to come.

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