Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where Orchids grow wild - THAILAND

How did we land on Thailand….well for one, it would be our debut travel venture into South East Asia. Secondly, it would give us the opportunity to meet friends from nearly 20 years gone by (enough reason to travel anywhere really), and thirdly, it was a break-journey option that we exercised on an extended vacation home.
After all was said and done, Thailand was one of the best decisions ever. We loved, treasured and cherished every moment of our stay and travel. We were awestruck, amazed, blown-away and drawn-to Thailand by its fascinating people, culture, tradition, beauty and grandeur. We were welcomed, nourished, entertained and enriched by everything in it.
What we took back with us permanently from this trip, though, was the abundant and radiant smile, the simple life and the peaceful nature of this nation’s people.

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