Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sukhumvit – the lifeline of Bangkok

If one were to look at the street map of central Bangkok, one would unmistakably recognize its most central arterial vessel – the Sukhumvit line. Intersecting the city with numerous ‘sois’ branching out into the inner suburbia of Thai neighborhoods, Sukhumvit is the place to experience a vibrant, bustling, cosmopolitan Bangkok.

From the 15th floor of a high rise apartment, the Sukhumvit neighborhood has a pulse and beat different from any other. Steel and concrete high-rises accentuate the skyline. They stand out in stark contrast to the many characteristically Thai architectural villas of a large opulent expatriate population that has called this neighborhood its home.
Sukhumvit – the lifeline of Bangkok, our base to explore Thailand from.

Crystal blue swimming pools (as seen from the balcony) give away the fanciful expat-lifestyle that beckons one to consider …hmmm…what would it cost to relocate?
Fast skytrains, taxis in fluorescent colors, multi-level glossy and extravagant shopping malls, restaurants, chic massage boutiques and plenty more, all make Sukhumvit very travel friendly, trendy, accessible and definitely livable.
We used this as our base to explore Thailand from. Not only is Sukhumvit central to Bangkok, Bangkok is central to Thailand, making this the perfect choice for us.

Some of the places that we traveled to within Thailand on this trip were: Bangkok, Ayuthaya (day trip from Bangkok); Kanchanaburi (day trip from Bangkok); Damon Saduak Floating Markets (day trip from Bangkok) and Krabi-Raileh (1.5 hours by flight to Southern Thailand).
Stay tuned to read more about all the above mentioned places.

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