Thursday, October 23, 2014

Türkiye çok güzel - Turkey is very beautiful!

After traveling in Turkey for 14 days, we came away with much more than a 100-150 word Turkish vocabulary! Enough to appreciate and express (in the local tongue) the raw, rich sometimes divine beauty of this ancient and gorgeous country. Just the very mention undeniably brought a beaming smile on the mild mannered and simple local folks who are at the very core of Turkish heritage and culture and play a major role in defining the overall travel experience there.

When we mentioned Turkey as our destination for our travels, we almost always got 2 reactions...
(1) Turkey, whats in Turkey? Why?
(2) You'll love it!! Its fabulous, wondrous , a dream destination etc etc
...and the ratio between the two reactions was 20:1

We had shortlisted 3 options for our travel and due to the Arab spring uprising (at the time) had to drop a couple choices and Turkey surfaced to the top! After returning, I would say, there probably wasn't a choice needed at all. Hands down, this has been one of the most rewarding and memorable trips of a lifetime. Its also one where we traveled more off the beaten path, let the spontaneously happily happen, and marveled at how rich and extra-ordinary our experiences were because of it.

The country is modern while steeped in history, traditional while embracing the best from the west. The people are her most treasured assets. They are warm, hospitable, cheerful and laid back who take pride in their country and genuinely want you to have a good time. Its their repeated friendly gestures and generosity that enriched our travels and gave the phrase "Türkiye çok güzel" true meaning.

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