Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jewels of Andalucia

The Spain that one would often read about, or see coffee table books richly illustrate is in fact Andalucia. It is the cradle of Flamenco, the stomping grounds of the amorous Don Juan and one of the last strong holds of the Moors, who held Al-andalus for over 7 centuries!
Its lush landscape, sweeping hills and topography, sleepy white washed villages, ornate moorish castles lured us towards it and spending a week there was just enough to skim the surface!

Ours was a 7 day itinerary flying in and out of the coastal city of Malaga (serviced by an international airport) and traveling clockwise to Ronda followed by Seville, Cordoba, Granada and returning back to Malaga. We traveled by road (and other interesting means of transportation along the way), didn't feel the need to rent a car and were still able to cover little gems of surprises off-the-beaten-path...leaving us with memories to last a lifetime and a spanish vocabulary of 100 odd words to boast!

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