Friday, July 17, 2015

Kinderdijk UNESCO world heritage site, a wondrous place

No visit to Holland is complete without windmills...but these are no ordinary windmills. They make quite the story.
A significant part of Holland is below sea level but this isn't noticeable because of an incredibly innovative and intricate system that keeps the ever-rising seawater from flooding the land.
The gorgeous windmills of Kinderdijk which is a UNESCO world heritage site is a testament to water management at its best. The mills and pumping stations drain the excess water into the river that subsequently, flows into the sea.
But enough of the science part....the art is in getting there...quite an adventure on its own....with 2 water taxis, buses and 20 minute walk...not to mention, I picked a day when it was pouring...cold and windy. Nevertheless, the site with 19 windmills was lovely and made for a picturesque country side self guided trip.
Holland windmills- check

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