Friday, February 26, 2016

Going solo has its ups! Hiking at La Paz waterfalls

 The La Paz waterfalls, outside of the city of San Jose, CR are spectacular, hands down! But what made it even more extraordinary was that it was my solo adventure there and I picked possibly the wettest rainiest day to hike it. But guess what, I wouldn’t change anything! If you ask me, I would say, go, particularly in the rain…and have the best experience of your life! If you don’t come back smiling, then contact me, I know some seriously good shrinks!!

The thick mist, descending clouds amidst a rain forest buzzing with activity was actually out of a movie scene. From croaking frogs and fluttering butterflies to fleeting hummingbirds, there are plenty of creatures to be found in this wildlife-lover's paradise. And for a nature-lover like me, the five flowing waterfalls were reason enough to want to see it. The green poncho made do for a sexy hiking outfit, one that perfectly fit with nature and made me feel a part of it. And once on the trail, I soon realized that I was the only one there, probably crossed 3 other people in total over a time period of 3 hours! Even better!

The riverside concrete trails lead steeply downhill to the waterfalls. Standing on the viewing platform at the Templo Fall, you’re pummeled by spray blasted from the base of the fall. Poncho or not, you are getting wet! Guaranteed! At one point you can almost go behind the waterfalls…I was beaming with delight like a kid in a candy store! Continuing downriver, a metal staircase that clings to the side of the cliff descends to the MagĂ­a Blanca (the largest cascade), Encantada, and the La Paz falls. From here you can actually see three waterfalls simultaneously. 

It was a thrill and the rain actually accentuated the entire experience! It’s a daunting climb back, steep and hundreds of steps but oh so worth it. Your sore legs the next day remind you of what a great time you had! Definitely a must-do.


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