Friday, February 26, 2016

Ziplining high above the canopy

Zip Lining: The minute one foot steps off the ledge, you'll understand the remarkable difference between standing on the edge of something beautiful and actually taking off into the clouds soaring like a live and breath it! 

By far Costa Rica's most popular adventure sport to indulge in...this one calls for some stomach although it handsomely rewards you after! There are many outfitters in almost all the popular travel destinations in Costa Rica. If you really want to feel what soaring like a bird feels, then my recommendation is to go for it either in Arenal/La Fortuna or in and around the Monteverde/Santa Elena cloud forest. We chose the latter and boy, were we in for a ride of a lifetime!  The two largest companies here are Selvatura and Sky Adventures...both equally good and very comparable. You couldn't go wrong with either. My reason for picking Sky was because it included a tandem ride and what better way to experience unbridled joy and the adrenaline rush with a loved one. 

Sky also has a gondola/tram ride that takes you all the way up more than 10,000 feet building up serious anticipation along the way. It also gives you the time needed to strengthen your guts or chicken out (just kidding)!! 

The pre-flight training instructions lasted all of 4 minutes...not what I was expecting! And just before stepping off the ledge....the instructors tease you about having signed the life or death waiver! As funny as it sounds the first ride was scary as hell. But the second got better and the third even more. After that, I found myself wanting to do this all over again and couldn't get enough of it. 
Its one of the most exhilarating experiences we've had - Zip lining high above the tree canopy meandering in and out through the clouds, feeling almost bird like. I'm sure fellow sky divers and zip liners can relate. Zip and zoom and try a canopy tour once in your lifetime. You won't regret it. 

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