Saturday, June 24, 2006

The buzz word is...ssshhhhh

Our trip to Canada is planned for end of June this year, and I will keep you posted as we get closer to it. Remember I am a planner and a trip like this will take a while to plan. However in the meantime...there is a short but never-the-less interesting side trip that is generating a buzz. We have very close friends living in Indianapolis, whom we haven't met in almost 3 years...and you can tell 3 years is a long time, because since then, he has worked with 3 different companies, she - has lost over 70 pounds in weight, and together they now have 2 very cute babies (needless to say, whom we haven't met), that is if you discount the half hour brief meeting in Hyderabad, India, when their flight had just arrived from the states and ours was about to take off guessed it for the states!! Oh by the way, did I mention that they live in Indianapolis and we - in Minneapolis, only 600 miles apart? True, and yet when we briefly saw each other, it was after we had traveled nearly 10000 miles around the globe! Definitely something to blog about.
What is interesting about this side trip is that She is in for a surprise! We have taken Him into confidence (lest this came more as a shock than a surprise)!
The question is...can He keep it as one? Stay tuned...

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