Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Head Start...

Every destination has to have a start, and for us – our journey starts here at home. Minneapolis is the hub for Northwest Airlines, and they have convenient and direct flights to various cities in Canada. We choose to fly into Calgary, Alberta which was the closest and most ideally located airport to start our trip from.
TIP:Some tips for those of you reading this … invest in good books, and gather information about what you plan to see, do and experience. This plays to your advantage, when you are traveling in touristy zones!!! We consider ourselves more as travelers than as tourists.

Pack according to the time of year that you plan to travel. After a lot of research, traveling to the mountains in the summer time, seemed like a perfect choice, and we would highly recommend it to anyone interested. Of-course if you are into winter sports, and seek the thrill of the white powdery stuff…then your gear will differ greatly.

Also the Rockies offer innumerable opportunities to feed the adventurous spirit. Hiking, horseback riding, biking, mountain climbing, kayaking, white water rafting to name a select few! If you are into outdoor activities, pack a backpack to carry your gear with you at all times, it is your friend.

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