Sunday, June 25, 2006

One step closer

Spring is a delightful time of year. And if it brings showers in its wake, then it is impossible to take your eyes off the lush lawns, the tender green leaves, the body and bounce of spring blossom flowers. People are out and about on their bikes, walking on trails, working on their yards, or just strolling to admire this magical transformation.
To me, the onset of spring meant, that embarking on our travel adventure was no longer a distant dream. I decided to write up a detailed itinerary for the first five days of our vacation as a step to move closer to realizing this dream.
Coming up with things to do, places to visit, the when, where, what and how…was not easy to say the least. But every little bit of time spent doing it felt like a rush of adrenalin.

What I have discovered (just from reading) is that any amount of time spent in the majestic Canadian Rockies wouldn’t and couldn’t do it complete justice. But not visiting it at all would be a far greater regret! And as the years go by, you tend not to regret what you did, but rather what you didn’t!

We stumbled upon the fact that our complete vacation could clearly be broken down into 2 sections – one, absorbing the spirit of nature, and two, becoming aware of the urban culture and civilization!! The first five days of our trip would be spent traversing along the continental divide through 4 major national parks including Canada’s largest and oldest. The remainder of our trip would be spent soaking in the culture of Canada’s One-nation people, discovering the urban lifestyle of cities like Vancouver and Seattle, and patronizing Victoria’s quaint British charm.

The change in seasons presented an exciting opportunity to put pen to paper and come up with great itineraries for the first five days. In the next couple months, I will be listing out experiences from each day’s itinerary in greater detail.

Over the next week, I hope to chart out the same for the 2nd half of the trip as well.

But until then, I am taking in every moment of nature’s re-birth, because its end,would mean our new beginning!

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