Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trans Canadian Highway

Did you know that the Trans Canadian Hwy is the world's longest National Highway with a length of 7821 km (4860 miles)!! It extends between Victoria in British Columbia and St. John's in New Foundland. We were looking forward to driving on this historic road...and were welcomed by spectacular scenery and towering mountains on every turn and bend. Just a few miles outside the town of Calgary, the Trans Canadian Hwy is your best bet to get to Banff National Park. The distance is hardly 104 km(64 miles) but take your time admiring this manmade wonder.
It was a foggy morning as we set out towards Banff, but halfway there, the weather started to clear and the gave way to the most magnificent sight of mountains, water and valley. It was an uplifting and at the same time humbling experience. As you drove further, the peaks only escalated in height, and proportion...and after watching them stand tall and strong all the way through, you almost could see the might and power they possessed. It was a very overpowering experience.

The evergreen tree line skirting the lake and mountains, and the fresh crisp air, gave us such an energy boost, that we couldn't wait to reach Banff!
TIP: Just along the highway, there are quite a few inconspicuous view points where the relaxed traveler could pull in to absorb nature in its most pure and pristine settings. It was on one such turn, that we unexpectedly came across the Lake of the Arc. Keep your eyes peeled for such spots along the way!

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